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How to Improve Your Skin with Beauty Sleep and This Must-Have Pillowcase Everyone is Raving About


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How to Improve Your Skin with Beauty Sleep and This Must-Have Pillowcase Everyone is Raving About

If you’re still sleeping on cotton pillowcases, stop! There’s a better way to get that beauty sleep. While silk pillowcases have been trending in recent years, there is only one that merges the benefits of silk with copper oxide infusion to give you more beauty benefits while you get your best sleep.

Oct 19 2020 at 9:17 am EDT | Sponsored by Coppry

In your wakeful hours, you probably spend a fair amount of time caring for your skin. However, to have beautiful, healthy, and youthful skin, you can’t just focus on what you put onto it topically. It takes proper nutrition, hydration, stress management, and sleep to keep up that youthful appearance.

That last one, sleep, is what usually throws a wrench into those plans for keeping youthful skin. It goes beyond getting to bed on time though. The fabrics you’re choosing to dress your bed with could be doing more harm than good.

As you roll over in the night, your pillowcase creates friction on your face. This rubs away essential creams as well as tugs at the skin, making it saggy and aged in appearance.

On top of that, buildup from those skincare products, dead skin cells, and bacteria all lurk on your pillowcase while you sleep.

If you want to get the best sleep, do what Cindy did and get the Coppry pillowcase, backed by thousands upon thousands of 5-star reviews.

Cindy’s Story

At the age of 36, Cindy started noticing her skin looked older and she had more frequent breakouts. “I thought that was really strange since isn’t that supposed to happen when you’re a teen?” she explained.

Cindy tried changing her skincare routine, thinking it was one of the products she started using. But that didn’t help.

She changed her diet and made a point to drink more water. That helped a little, but every morning when she’d wake, she noticed her skin was irritated.

“It was really bugging me so I made an appointment with my dermatologist. I figured she’d know what was going on.”

As it turns out, Cindy’s dermatologist had one very simple solution. “She told me to change my pillowcase. I almost felt insulted until she explained that using a different material was better, something that was gentle and didn’t rub against my skin. She recommended looking into a combination of silk and copper.”

Initially, Cindy only saw pillowcases made out of silk touting skin benefits. “But then I saw the Coppry pillowcase which was made of silk and had that copper that my dermatologist recommended.”

And find out she did, for it just so happened that it was her 37th birthday later that week. “When my friends took me to dinner, I was given a bunch of gifts. Imagine my surprise when I unwrapped the Coppry pillowcase. It was from my best friend who said she’d started using one just a few months ago and knew I’d love it too.”

Cindy immediately began to use the Coppry pillowcase instead of her cotton ones. “It was just so soft and felt so soothing and light against my skin. This helped me fall asleep faster and stay that way all night. My hair glided off it and was shiny and tangle-free. As for my skin, it stopped erupting into breakouts. And it looks healthier and more youthful, so much so that when I ran into my dermatologist while out to brunch, she commented on how my skin looked better. Coppry is so amazing, I got my mom one!”

Cindy isn’t the only one that has fallen head over heels for the Coppry pillowcase. There are thousands and thousands of people that are delighted with the beauty sleep they truly get through this pillowcase.

The Coppry Difference

Silk pillowcases aren’t a new idea. There are other brands that use quality silk pillowcases to improve sleep, skin, and hair health. What makes Coppry pillowcases unique is that they are made with mulberry silk with a copper oxide infusion. This makes Coppry go above and beyond in helping you get the best sleep while doing more for the health of your skin and hair.

By uniting both of these items into one pillowcase, you get the best of both worlds. But how do these materials help your skin?

For starters, silk’s slick texture is better for skin. They create less friction for skin and hair. And less friction means less irritation like acne and damage like wrinkles and sagging. Silk also creates a cleaner sleep surface since it’s not stealing away all your pricey night creams that should be going into your skin.

Silk is a kinder and gentler choice to rest your head upon. Because it doesn’t soak up all the oils from your hair or bacteria from your face, it doesn’t accumulate on your pillow to cause aging and irritation later on.

While silk is a great choice for your pillowcase, adding copper to it makes your results even better. Coppry has copper oxide embedded into it. Unlike other copper-infused options, it embeds these particles into silk for the best possible combination.

Research backs copper pillowcases because they are antimicrobial, meaning they destroy bacteria that can cause breakouts and blemishes. Copper is used in medical fabrics for its effectiveness against bacteria, making it a prime choice among hospitals and medical centers everywhere. But for those at home, copper infusions have the added benefit of healing and repairing skin which can handle wrinkles.

Copper helps with collagen synthesis, and since your body slows this production starting in your 30s, sleeping on it each night helps improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles. A randomized clinical study found that those who slept with a copper pillowcase reduced crow’s feet by 9% each month for over 8 weeks.

By combining both of these materials into one pillowcase, Coppry has revolutionized beauty sleep. It gives you the best of both of these effective components so you can truly look and sleep your best.

Benefits of Coppry Pillowcases

Because Coppry takes the highest quality silk and unites it with copper oxide, it is completely unique. This breakthrough product provides a bounty of benefits for you every time you rest your head upon it.

Rejuvenate your skin

Silk pillowcases are popular because they have amino acids that can slow down the aging process for skin. What Coppry does is go beyond that to infuse copper oxide into the material. This copper helps normalize the natural synthesis of collagen and protein. Doing so helps skin look more youthful by helping it become firming and more elastic on its own. It creates a revitalized and healthy appearance the more you use it.

Keep skin clean and clear

Because copper oxide is antimicrobial, it has the power to kill off bacteria. When bacteria accumulates on your regular pillowcase, it leads to irritations and breakouts. Other materials like cotton create friction on the skin, and with the buildup of bacteria, it can make skin flare up. Copper oxide is a wonderful and natural way to prevent this problem from arising and ruining the appearance of your skin as it eliminates 99.9% of bacteria that accumulate on fabrics.

Helps skin hold onto essential hydration

Dry skin problems become worse with the wrong pillowcase. Silk allows your skin to retain that essential moisture it needs to stay healthy without upsetting the balance. Aging skin and blemish-prone skin both have issues with dryness. Without enough hydration locked into skin, it reveals more lines, wrinkles, and sagginess that make you look older.

This is why so many women discover breakouts even after the age of 35. Your skin is changing, and your pillowcase may be to blame for stealing that moisture from your skin. It can also cause the skin to overcompensate by making more oil that, along with that bacteria buildup, gets lodged into pores and leads to breakouts.

It’s great for hair too

In addition to keeping skin looking youthful, clear, and radiant, the combination of mulberry silk and copper oxide lend a smooth texture that keeps friction to a minimum. That smooth surface lets hair naturally glide on the fabric to keep tangles and frizz away. Hair looks healthier with each use, making it easy to have a good hair day every day.

Made from high-quality materials

Soothing mulberry silk is so soft and gentle on the skin. It’s little wonder why the rich and famous use silk sheets to sleep upon because they help defy aging. Coppry uses the highest quality mulberry silk so you can get the same results as the starlets of Hollywood!

All-natural and hypoallergenic

You would be shocked if you knew what kind of toxic chemicals went into producing typical pillowcases. Copper oxide and mulberry silk are completely natural products made without any toxins. And because they are natural, they won’t cause allergic reactions, making Coppry the best choice for anyone that wants to have better skin and better sleep!

Yes, You Can Wash Coppry!

You won’t have to wash it as often as a regular pillowcase either. However, you should wash it in cold water to prevent fading. The gentle cycle is best because it will keep the copper oxide fibers intact. Coppry also recommends you avoid alkaline detergents which can result in wrinkling. After the wash, simply hang it in a shaded area and let it dry.

By following these simple cleaning steps, you can enjoy your Coppry pillowcase like it is brand new after every wash!

Take Coppry With You Everywhere

Once you experience the difference Coppry makes on the quality of your skin and sleep, you won’t want to sleep on anything else. It’s easy to take along in your travel bag and put on your travel pillow or replace those scratchy hotel pillowcases.

Plus, Coppry Looks Pretty

Coppry has a gorgeous sheen that looks as luxurious as it feels. You’ll look forward to your beauty sleep when you feel beautiful putting your head down on your pillow. It’s soft and beautiful, the perfect pillowcase to help you achieve your best rest.

And while it does look the part, don’t forget that it takes silk pillowcases to the next level with copper oxide fibers embedded in to give your skin that collagen-producing boost it needs to fight the signs of aging.

Everyone is Falling in Love with Coppry!

This is what people are saying about this innovative silk and copper pillowcase:

"I just got this for my birthday and it is seriously the best gift 🎁❤️ ever." – Sarah R.
"It's infused with copper and it's made of mulberry silk, so it's like the best of both worlds." – Kate P.
"Absolutely love it!❤️ Huge anti-aging benefits, great night’s sleep…it's a game changer!" – Rachael H.

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