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smoother hair and no more acne!!

I was struggling with acne on one side of my face where I predominately sleep. Since using this pillowcase, I have not had any new breakouts!!! My hair has also been so much smoother!! I have fine, curly hair and typically look like Medusa in the mornings. Not with this pillowcase though!! Love it so much that I’ll be buying one for my mom for the holidays!!

Beautiful and effective!

Loving our Coppry pillowcases! Skins has definitely cleared up even within just a few days of starting! Recommending to everyone! :D

My hair is so much healthier

After sleeping on this for a year and a half, my hair is so much healthier. I love it! I was gifted another regular silk pillowcase, but the quality and results are not the same. Coppry is my favorite. I make sure to take this with me when I travel.


Literally will never use another pillowcase. These are amazing quality and so soft and comfortable. My bed head is WAY less after sleeping on these

Helped My Allergies, Acne and "morning face"!!!

This pillowcase helped reduce the allergies I get over night, it greatly reduced acne on my face and as well it helped to reduce the morning face we all get where we have "pillow wrinkles" and the likes all over our faces haha!

Significantly Reduced Acne and Stays Cool

I bought this pillowcase hoping that the silk would help reduce the acne outbreak on my forehead that I assumed came from sleeping on a cotton pillow case, and my acne significantly went down within a week of using this pillowcase. It also helps keep my hair styled throughout my sleep (I straighten my hair and it stays so much straighter when I sleep on it than it ever was with a cotton pillowcase). Additionally, the pillowcase stays cool throughout the night where cotton absorbed the heat and made me feel warmer. I'm very happy with my purchase and will definitely repurchase as needed in the future.

silky !

I like the silk fabric! This pillow case helps prevent frizzy hair and acne. I would say overall it has helped with both of those, and that the tiny wrinkle it has doesnt bother me (given i didnt iron it ). love the product and will definitely purchase more from you guys in the future

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Rating

These are absolutely the best pillowcases I have ever slept with. If only there were sheets of the same fabric you would actually believe you were sleeping on clouds.

It is so soft

Not going to lie I was a bit nervous about buying a pillowcase that had copper in it. I know the potential benefits but I was worried that it wouldn’t be comfortable to sleep on. If that has crossed your mind, don’t worry. It is so soft and comfy and really is just beautifully made over all.

Pillow case

It is a wonderful feeling on my face

A comfortable pillow

The Coppry pillow is really comfortable. I have used products from Amazon that claim to be made of copper infused silk, but comparing the texture and look it is clear that those were imitation products. I am enjoying the pillow a lot, and while I have not used it long enough to notice any visible changes in my skin, the increased comfort while sleeping has been worth it.

I'll update my review after more usage to see how my skin changes.

Love It!

I love the simplicity of style and the softness.

Soft and stays cold

This is my first time using silk. It's definitely softer than cotton, but that doesn't make as much of a difference as I expected. The big difference is that it stays cold for much longer which I love.

Great product

Excellent material

Soft and silky! Much better than a regular silk pillowcase

Third that we have ordered! Others are still in great shape.

This is great.

I really like this copper silk pillow case. It's great. I feel less hair is getting stuck on the case when I sleep.

super soft and cool!

Gave to my friend who just had surgery instead of spending the money on flowers that will wilt and much more appreciated!!

Great Pillow Case

I love the pillowcase and I'm going to order it more. Thank you.

Super pillow case

Super comfortable I have 2 of these they wash up easily, I hand wash


Got a copper pillow in an auction and decided I needed a copper pillowcase. The pillow was great but kind of fluffy and I wasn't sure it would fit. The pillow is 17" x 26" and fit perfectly. It might be a little wider than 17" but I stuffed it in and the result was a fairly flat looking pillow about 51/2 or 61/2" thick. There is a flap at one end that would let it accomodate a slightly longer pillow. It is just perfect for me, so soft but supports my neck. I love it. As far as the other claims, Haven't had it that long, 3 days. But I think my skin is looking better. I will update this later.

Great product fo the price

Highly recommend this copper oxide pillowcase. Won't leave any fold on your skin and very gentle and soft. Will buy more of this

Durable and soft

I know the washing instructions but I accidentally washed it in hot water in a normal wash and it did not hurt it at all ! Great product at a great price what more could you ask for!

Great, met my expectations...

It feels soft and comfortable. Although silk is softer, I was pleasantly surprised that this was breathable and it appears to be more durable than silk. It washes and dries beautifully. It doesn't wrinkle. So far, so good. Also, this pillowcase doesn't show facial cream spots or eye drop stains like the silk cases do.

Im very optimistic

I am using this pillowcase to be more gentle to my hair on the side on which I sleep. Ive only had it for a week but I think its going to do what I hope